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We wanted to share some kind words from our current and former clients:

  • Dear MaryAnne, Thank you for another year of keeping my home clean!
  • Thanks MaryAnne for always doing such a great job and being such a great friend.
  • Dear MaryAnne, Thank you so much for all the extras, etc. that you do for me and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.
  • Thank you for being a special friend, for keeping my house clean, and for all the extras you do – like decorating – listening to my woes, etc. Love and best wishes for a great year.
  • Dear MaryAnne, Thank you for all your help and support – you’ve been wonderful! With love and all best wishes.
  • Thank you, MaryAnne for all that you do. You are wonderful!
  • To MaryAnne, Wishing you a wonderful holiday and lots of health and happiness in the New Year! Thank you for all of the extras that you do for me – I appreciate you more than you know.
  • Dear MaryAnne, The Easter house was a big hit! Everyone enjoyed all the décor and had fun checking everything out from bunny locations to jelly beans. Besides the table, the crown glory was the bunny in your gorgeous basket, just fabulous! Thank you so much for your amazing gift to us for setting us up for the holiday. The table looked beautiful with all the candles glowing at around 7 pm.
  • Thank you for giving me the prettiest Christmas house ever. I only purchased 2 candles and a roll of ribbon. It’s unbelievable what you did with the junk I had. I really think you could decorate houses for a living.
  • Hi MaryAnne, Sorry it has taken so long…. Good news my home is looking decent, which helps because I landed a job as a recruiter with the US Census Bureau. Thanks so much your influence has helped so much.
  • Hello MaryAnne, Again your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated! I count myself “lucky” – to have met you and shared my struggles (secrets)!
  • Dear MaryAnne, Thank you so much for all your help! I appreciated it more than you’ll ever know! You are not only a wonderful person but also a great friend and great caretaker!
  • Dear MaryAnne, Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness to us. We cherish our relationship with you.
  • MaryAnne – Thanks for getting me started – I’m on a roll.
  • Dear MaryAnne, You are the Best- I will certainly enjoy the wine – and I certainly enjoy you and your “cleaning talent.” What would I do without you?

September 18, 2013


Dear MaryAnne and Jeanne,

Thank you sincerely for presenting the workshop yesterday evening.  I think every person who was there had a positive reaction to your message.  Members stayed long after the meeting to talk, including me.

After I went home, I put “the closet” on my list.  (Fortunately for me I have moved several times and so was forced to say goodbye to things that were no longer important.)  Nonetheless, there’s the closet–just waiting, but not for long.

You were the first speakers for our 2013-14 season.  The next speaker will have a hard act to follow!


Dear Ms. Sullivan,

Thank you for speaking at the Sacred Heart Senior’s meeting. We all need help to “unclutter” and you really helped us. We hope you will visit us again.

Sincerely, The Sacred Heart Seniors (2005)

Dear MaryAnne,

Thank you so much for your entertaining and informative presentation at the AAUW Branch meeting on May 31. I think all of us really enjoyed it and ended with new resolve to get rid of all that stuff. We appreciate your giving up a Saturday morning to meet with us.

Sincerely, CP (2003)

Hello MaryAnne & Jeanne,

Your lecture was excellent for our group, we so appreciate you both coming.

Everyone really enjoyed hearing the information as this was different than any in-service we have had in the past. I really like the way you put it together, right down to your last story of the lady in the picture – great ending!!

I mentioned your presentation to my new trainees and they too were very interested. Maybe you would be so kind as to do the same in the future for the up-coming group after they have some experience working with seniors.

I think people have not heard of a service like yours. I will remind my peer counselors to spread the word when possible to their clients.

Again, many thanks to you both for coming and sharing your experience with us!!

Sincerely, D