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Sacramento Co. post lists of licensed haulers

Your home is your sanctuary. This means only inviting people in you trust. Sibert & Sullivan, LLC has the special business license issued by Sacramento County. As a result, we were both fingerprinted and the prints were run through the Live Scan system, before the license was issued.

Sure it’s more paperwork and extra fees, but we would love to see all counties embrace this system. Why? To help ensure service people that enter a home do nogarbage pick upt have a criminal record.

In the meantime, Sacramento County is leading by example. Recently, Sacramento County issued a list of the licensed haulers in the County which have the special business license.

Why hire a licensed hauler? We’ve read stories of unlicensed haulers who pick up your pile to make a dump run, take your money, but then illegally dump the garbage on the side of the road!

There’s simply no reason to hire an unlicensed hauler. Start off on the right foot, hire a licensed hauler, and thanks to Sacramento County for making it so easy to find the right company.