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Our Services

Sibert & Sullivan, LLC provides personalized services to help Boomers and their Parents achieve their downsizing and organizing projects. To learn more, contact MaryAnne at (916) 308-3240 or

What We Do

  • English-style Housekeeping
  • Preparing your home for entertaining
  • Starting, continuing, and completing the organizing and downsizing process
  • Identify problem areas in your home
  • Coping with overflow
  • Teaching & developing hands-on skills to fix problem areas
  • Downsizing to a smaller home
  • Personalized care for the senior “Pack Rat”

Available Services for the Home

  • Home Management services
  • Perform file management of paper piles, photos, and unsolicited mail
  • Assess senior needs for Aging in Place
  • Complete a healthy and safe home checklist
  • Recommend home modifications to meet a senior’s needs
  • Simplify and organize possessions in all rooms of your home, including bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen
  • Organize and downsize bedroom and linen closets
  • Wardrobe evaluation and wardrobe updating
  • Dispose and/or donate unwanted items
  • Organize and eliminate patio and yard clutter
  • Supervise distribution of inherited family possessions
  • Create master plan to eliminate clutter, including photo evaluation
  • Close up the senior’s home