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Tales from the front: Organizing is like an onion

We wanted to share this lovely note we received from a long-time client. She’s a widow and figuring out what direction she wants her life to take in her 70s.

Getting organized is like an onion – you pull off one layer, work on the next layer, and so on until you’re where you want to be. Sometimes you tear up when working through the layers, sometimes you don’t.

Well, I am in the midst of a whirlwind here, but it is working! I took my paper shredder and placed it on the dining room table and when I need a break from working on getting books ready to go to Jim’s Used Books, the library or Goodwill, I start on my filing cabinet.

I did 2 and 1/2 white garbage bags full today and I am still finding more books in every room. Another day and both of these entities should be done.

Thanks, you two, for helping me out.