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Just Amazing! Thank you Huell Howser!

Today we learned Huell Howser died at the age of 67. Just this past Saturday, we spent part of the day watching California’s Gold on KVIE, Huell climbing up a mountain to check out a California glacier and chat with other hikers.

MaryAnne sent me the story linked above, and what absolutely floored me was back in September, Huell donated his entire “life’s work” to Chapman University in California. He donated books, ephemera, other papers, and allowed his recordings to be digitized and available to all, right here!

What this means is Huell took the time to think about his future, his legacy, and he found the next home for his “life’s work.” What a role model for all of us in figuring out how to honor and preserve our “life’s work.”

Thank you, Huell! That’s Amazing! –Jeanne