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Helpful Red Cross List: 21 Weeks to Prepare for Disaster

One of MaryAnne’s friends shared the American Red Cross 21 Weeks to Prepare list recently and we wanted to share it with our readers.

I have 2 emergency kits ready: one at home, filled with items for the humans and the pets; and one at work, in case I have to shelter in place. When I told my co-workers I had an emergency kit for work, most laughed. People shared how they would get out of there and walk home. Sure. Emergencies don’t happen at the convenient times of life and what if there’s no where to walk home to?

Putting together my boxes meant an easy visit to Target, going through my list, and filling my cart. The toughest thing to buy was the weather radio – the model I picked out was over $50 (but it also had a hand crank, solar, and could charge a device using a USB port). So picking up 2 radios was tricky for my budget.

The American Red Cross has created an excellent preparation list – I loved how they have you prepare over 21 weeks (you could do it faster if you want), the cool part was the Red Cross has you save $1.75 per week and then at the end of 21 weeks you would have enough money ($36.75) to buy a basic weather radio!

I couldn’t find this list at the Red Cross website, but did find it at the UC Irvine’s Emergency Management website! Here’s the link: