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Healthy Aging: Legends Program

Healthy Aging: the Legends Program

When we share our message, MaryAnne emphasizes how the unexpected in aging can happen at any time. The best way to thrive during the aging process, including the aging process of someone close to you, let alone your own aging process, is to already have a team in place when the bad thing happens.

What does this mean? It means having honest talks about life, including honest talks about strengths, weaknesses, prior life experiences, money, feelings, health, everything under the sun. Honest talks with yourself and honest talks with those around you.

After the honest talks, then you assemble your team: family, friends, and trusted professionals who you can count on when the bad thing happens.

MaryAnne attended a TRAIN (Tracy Resource and Information Network) meeting in Tracy and learned about Legends, A Special Program for Seniors provided by ValleyCare Health System in Livermore, CA. We wanted to share this program which provides treatment of depression, dementia, acute psychosis and adjustment disorders of aging with a Senior Specific, 65 years and older, voluntary program. 

From our experience, to plan for aging, one needs a strong foundation. If a mental health issue exists and is not being appropriately treated, all the planning in the world will amount to nothing. A path for the future, can’t be built on an unstable foundation.

Here’s the link to learn more about Legends  and the phone numbers are (925) 373-8038 or (800) 884-8038