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Donate Rocks and Minerals: Sac State Geology Club Auction

Rocks, stamps, coins, bonsai trees — these are often the types of collections individuals spend their lifetime picking, editing, and loving. Sometimes you lose interest and it’s difficult to figure out how and where to move a collection on. Or you’ve inherited a collection and you don’t know what to do with it. Perhaps the collection wasn’t your labor of love, but you want to honor it and can’t throw it out.

One option is to donate a rock and mineral collection to Sacramento State’s Geology Club for their annual Geology Club Rock Auction taking place at 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 16, 2012 in the Alumni Center in Sacramento, CA.

From the press release:

The club relies partly on donations for the success of its auction, and will accept pieces up to the last minute.

Funds raised support the Geology Club’s activities, such as field trips, which can be quite involved. A trip to the Rainbow Basin near Barstow last summer drew 35 people for the 10-day excursion.

Local middle schools also benefit from the auction in the form of Rock Boxes. “We collect minerals and rock samples to give to middle schools so they can have their students look through the rocks and start learning the basics of geology,” says Bean.

To make a donation to the auction, contact Cornwell at or call (916) 278-6337.

When this email came through I was so excited to learn there’s a next life for a rock and mineral collection that needs a new home. The donation helps the students and the rocks move on. For me, there’s nothing sadder than once beloved items shoved into a musty closet or impacted garage.

MaryAnne and I are proud Sac State Alums!