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Inspiring story: Cookie Cutter Collection Lives on After Death

Cookie CutterWe all know you can’t take it with you. But what do you (or your loved ones) do with a beloved collection after you’ve died?

One inspiring idea is the following story from Cookie Crumbs, the National Cookie Cutters Collector Club newsletter, Vol. XXXII No. 1, March 2013.

At the funeral of a cookie cutter collector the family followed her wishes and did the following:

“At her memorial a basket of cards was offered to those who came. Each card had a cutter those were her wishes to give a cuter to each one of her friends. Terry was known as the “Cookie Lady.” One of her last wishes was that everyone who came to pay their respects could take a piece of her cookie cutter collection home in her memory.”

I know death is the ultimate deadline. Sometimes we’ve created collections we want to enjoy to the end, but at death, what happens to the collection? It feels not quite right to see a treasured collection end up in a box under other boxes in the back of a forgotten closet.

Sharing a collection at your funeral is an amazing way to say a last goodbye and a “thank you” to those you shared your life with.

We’d love to hear from you about what treasured items you’ve seen shared and given away at funerals.