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It’s Time to Clean Out and Donate your old CDs/LPs/More

Capital Public Radio has announced the date of the next Annual Used Record & CD (and much more!) sale, June 27 – June 29, 2014. Here’s the link

The best thing is Cap Radio has been accepting donations all year long and are still accepting donations of all types of media.

Time to clean out the closet and donate music that’s no longer relevant to your life!

Have records but no record player? Time to donate!

Went through a music “phase”? Time to let it go!

Bought a soundtrack and didn’t realize it would be only dark, depressing orchestral music? Time to donate! That’s why I no longer own The Usual Suspects soundtrack ….

Received a gift of a CD to meditate by and you’ve never used it in the last 3 years? Time to donate!