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Beautiful Recommendation-Organizing

We wanted to share this beautiful recommendation:

I became acquainted with MaryAnne Sullivan 10 years ago. My aging mother needed help downsizing and organizing her myriad of cutter. To my sister and I, mother’s home was a daunting task. But for MaryAnne, it was her specialty and her passion.  Organizing a lifetime worth of photos, magazines, old books, old letters, bank statements, clothing and other collectables, came easily to MaryAnne. She worked alongside my mother with a positive, happy, caring attitude.  I cannot imagine a more cluttered home that my mothers.

 I recommend MaryAnne Sullivan without reservation.  She is the best, the very best person to help you with de-cluttering, your home.  She is professional, trustworthy and hard working.  

I am forever grateful for her services and friendship.

— Claudia

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